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Arabidopsis GeneNet Supplementary DataBase (AGNS) is an Internet available resource, which provides access to description of the functions of the known Arabidopsis genes at different levels of mRNA, protein, cell, tissue and ultimately at the levels of the organ and organism and in both wild type and mutant backgrounds.

Arabidopsis thaliana

AGNS annotates published papers on expression patterns and functions of Arabidopsis genes and by this way integrates, systematizes and classifies this heterogeneous, disparated and scattered information. AGNS consists of three databases, the Expression Database, the Phenotype Database, the Reference Database, the Sequence Database, and two controlled vocabularies organized in Ontology .

The Expression Database describes gene expression in wild type, mutants and transgenic plants. The Phenotype Database contains information on phenotypic abnormalities in mutant and transgenic plants. The Reference Database contains references to the papers together with a description of plant growth conditions with an indication of the ecotypes used as control in the experiments. Detailed controlled vocabularies on developmental stages and anatomy integrated in Ontology were developed around the annotated data.

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