GeneNet: a database for gene networks and its automated visualization

Kolpakov F.A., Ananko E.A., Kolesov G.B., Kolchanov N.A.

Bioinformatics, 1998. V.14. No. 6. P. 529-537.

Motivation: Gene networks that provide the regulation of physiological processes are the basic feature of organisms. Information regarding the regulation of gene expression and signal transduction pathways is rapidly increasing. However, the information is hard to formalize and systematize. Ways and means for automated visualization of the gene networks based on their formalized description are needed.

Results: The object-oriented database GeneNet and the software for its automated visualization have been developed. The main principles of a formalized description of the gene network have been worked out. Antiviral response and erythropoiesis are provided as examples to show how this is achieved. The GeneNet graphical user interface written in Java provides automated generation of the gene network diagrams and allows visualization and exploration of the GeneNet database through the Internet. A system of filters allows the selection of particular components of the network for visualization.

Availability: The GeneNet database and its graphical user interface are available at

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