Example of SRS query

The query is 'Find all the mouse proteins registered in macrophages and described in the GeneNet'.

To make such a query, you should perform the following:

1. On the page 'SRS access' choose GeneNet SRS table (PROTEIN).

query0.png (77018 bytes)

2. You will get the home page of selected GeneNet SRS table (PROTEIN).
     Press the button 'Search GN_PROTEIN'.

query1.png (17471 bytes)

3. Select the mode of the combine search from the list.

query2.png (16155 bytes)

4. Select the fields for the search from the list. You need the following fields: Species, CellTableLine.

query3.png (16573 bytes)


5. Type terms for searching in the special windows (1):

Mus*                                   for Species
*macrophage*                   for CellTableLine

Then choose fields for displaying in the query result (2) and press the button 'Do Query'.

query4.png (16023 bytes)

6. You will get the list of entries from the table GN_PROTEIN.

query5.png (17642 bytes)

7. To display entire entry from the database, you should choose some entries (1), and ask to display them (2-4).

query6.png (17004 bytes)

8. The query result.

query7.png (16232 bytes)


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