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TRRDSITES data format

Field short name (in the flatfile) Field full name (SRS version) Data description
AN SiteAC Site accession number
AP RegUnitAC Accession number of a regulatory unit
NM SiteName Site name
NY SiteNameSynonym Site name synonym
WW PredictionProgramLink The reference to the Internet-accessible program for recognition of the site
DR DatabaseReference Link to the external database
NS TransFacSiteReference TRANSFAC link
NI SiteIndex TRRD site index
TF FactorName A name of the protein or protein complex interacting with the site
AT FactorInfluence An influence of the transacting factor to the gene expression
SQ Sequence Site sequence
PQ SequencePosition Positions of the site
PF FootPrintSequencPosition Footprint positions
BF DNA_BankLink Position of the site sequence first nucleotide according to the EMBL/GenBank
AG ExperimentCodes Cells, assay codes, reference to the paper
HM SiteHomology Comments on homologous sites in other genes
EF ComparativeFactorAffinity Comments on comparative affinity of binding sites.
KK TextComments Comments on the binding site

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