Description of algorithm

A software program ARGOScan was designed for recognition of transcription factor binding sites by motif search in arbitrary extended nucleotide sequences.

Data used in analysis

The training set of sites was compiled of the sequences extracted from the database TRRD (

The format of input data

The sequence to be analysed should have the PLAIN format and the length from 400 to 80000 bp.

How to run the program for TF - site recognition

1) Enter the sequence to be analysed into the text-box 'Sequence', If you input the sequence from file from your computer, use the dialog menu by clicking the button 'Browse'.

2) Choose the type of TF - site by selecting the option in the drop-down menu 'Type of TF - site'.

3) In case it is necessary to search for TF - sites in complementary DNA chain, click the check-box 'Reverse strand'.

4) The resulting data could be displayed in a text or graphic mode. To display the recognition function profile, click the check-box Grafic mode.

5) Click the button 'SCAN'.

6) For resetting the data, click the button 'Clear'.