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As the example, the sequence of steroid-responsive region annotated in TRRD with the number P00082 and located in-between positions (-160; -60) relatively transcription start site [Akerblom I.E. et al., 1988] was analysed. The data input is illustrated for searching for a single transcription factor binding site in direct strand. The example sequence has the CREB transcription factor binding site (caaatTGACGTCAtgg; TRRD number, S173) at position -147 relatively transcription start site. This position corresponds to 14-th position in the regulatory region sequence, which was entered for searching in it potential CREB binding sites.

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Author: Mikhail Pozdniakov , Evgeniy Vitiaev
Contributors: Sergey V. Lavryushev
Leader: Prof. N.A. Kolchanov

1997-2003, IC&G   SB RAS, Laboratory of Theoretical Genetics