Description of the
visualization system


Purpose The program "Repus" is destined to visualise the results of repeats search  by ReSearch program, and is included in OligoRep program. 


Vizualised information
  • various types of repeats (direct, symmetrical, direct complementary, inversed) are plotted by various colors.
  • Each repeat is plotted on a separate double-stranded string
  • by double clicking on a particular repeat additional information such as:
    • copy length
    • mismatch number
    • position in the target DNA string
    • nucleotide content of the copy coinciding letters marked
      is visulaised;
  • Nucleotide positions are located in the upper area of image on the band,    nucleotides marked by:
    • A - Adenine(yellow)
    • T - Thymine(brown)
    • G - Guanine(black)
    • C - Cytosine(white)
How it works Pressing   "Visualisation" button the reuslts of repeats search in target sequence are visualised.  By mouse double -clicking the particular repeat structure and content is visualised separately.


Control elements
  • Clear the image area
Max +
Min -
  • Change the scale
Double click
  • Repeat structure and content vizualisation