Example for promoter recognition program

The annotated sequences of the genes zen (FBgn0004053) was retrieved from FlyBase (http://flybase.bio.indiana.edu/genes/)
The promoter (transcription start 3187) does contain TATA-box sequence (3162..3168).

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Confidence Level (The higher value allows to get the more hits.) Forward strand
Interval [0 .. 1] Nucleosome Potential Reverse strand
Promoter types (TATA+  means  TATA-containing promoter, DPE+  means DPE-containing promoter)
D.melanogaster TATA+ D.melanogaster TATA- D.melanogaster DPE+


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Author: Victor Levitsky
Contributors: Sergey V. Lavryushev
Leader: Prof. N.A. Kolchanov 

1997-2001, IC&G   SB RAS, Laboratory of Theoretical Genetics