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Search for degenerate oligonucleotide motifs (ARGO)

ARGO_VIEW program

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RGSiteScan program

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RegScan publications

Vityaev E.E, Podkolodny N.L., Vishnevsky O.V., Kosarev P.S., Ananko E.A., Ignatieva E.V., Podkolodnaya O.A., Kolchanov N.A. Detecting patterns of structure-function organization of regulatory genomic sequences in a first order logic.// Proc. or the second international conference on bioinformatics of genome regulation and structure, BGRS-2000, Vol 2, ICG, Novosibirsk.

Ponomarenko M.P., Ponomarenko J.V., Frolov A.S., Podkolodnaya O.A., Vorobyev D.G., Kolchanov N.A., Overton G.C.. Oligonucleotide frequency matrices addressed to recognizing functional DNA sites. Bioinformatics 1999 Jul-Aug;15(7-8):631-43 ML 99419254

Vishnevsky O. V., Podkolodnaya O.A., Babenko V.N. Search for degenerate oligonucleotide motifs in transcription factor binding sites and eukaryotic promoters (the system ARGO). Proceedings of the First International Conference on Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure, 1998, V.1, P. 144-146.


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