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TRRDEXPR data format

Field short name (in the flatfile) Field full name (SRS version) Data description
RE ExpressionPatternAC Pattern identifier
RT ExpressionDetectionDevice Molecular product used to estimate the expression level (protein or mRNA)
RY CellCycleStage Cell cycle stage (from G0 to M)
RD StageOrgDev Developmental stage (embryo, fetus, etc.)
RO Organ Organ
RU Tissue Tissue
RN Cells Cell type  or cell line
RF StageCellDiff Cell differentiation stage
RX Sex Sex of an organism
RL ExpressionLevel Gene expression level
RI IndReprName Inductor or Repressor name
RH InductionTime Duration of the signalís effect
FF Influence Induction, repression, no effect
RP RegUnitLink Accession numbers of the regulatory units
RS SiteLink Accession numbers of the sites
RC Comments Comments on the expression pattern
RR Reference Reference to the paper
RM ExpComparison Comparison of the expression levels from different expression patterns

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