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Search with SRS

The SRS system enables to make complex queries and navigation through TRRD and related databases. According to the main types of information contained in TRRD, it is possible to generate queries to all the tables by means of SRS Query Manager.

Example :
The query is 'To find human gene "apolipoprotein AI"'. To make such a query, you should perform the following:

1) On the page 'SRS access to TRRD 5' click the hyperlink ‘TRRDGENES’.

SRS_access.png (53409 bytes)

2) This will bring up the home page of the TRRDGENES table.
Click the button 'Search' .

search.png (267 bytes)

3) This will bring up the Standard query form for the TRRDGENES table.
From the drop-down menu ‘combine searches with’, select ‘AND’ (marked by arrow 1 in the Figure).
Select the field "Genename_Full" from the drop-down menu (arrow 2). In the text-box to the right, type ‘apolipoprotein’ (arrow 3).
Next select the field ‘Species’ from the drop-down menu (arrow 2) and type ‘human’ in the text-box to the right.
For displaying the query result, select the fields by scrolling the drop-down menu ‘Create your own view’ (arrow 4).
Click the button 'Submit Query' (arrow 5).
query_g.png (22949 bytes)

4) This will bring up the resulting query page with the list of entries from the table TRRDGENES.
To display more information, click the hyperlink "TRRDGENES4:A00264" from the line

  TRRDGENES4:A00264 A00264 Hs:APOA1 human

5) This will bring up the entry with the general description of the human apolipoprotein A1 gene in the TRRDGENES table data format. The hyperlinks
Transcription factors,Gene expression regulation,Bibliography
provide access to the other TRRD tables. By clicking the hyperlink (TRRD Viewer), you may display the map of gene regulatory regions reconstructed by TRRD Viewer.

Browse TRRD

You may browse TRRD by gene names and by species

Choose the option "Browse the TRRD database" from the top menu "Access to TRRD" on the TRRD home page access_br.png (3332 bytes)
The task is 'To find all chicken genes'. To make such a query, do the following:
1) On the page "Browse genes by species" choose the line

Gg chicken, Gallus gallus

2) Click the name of an organism
3) This will bring up the list of entries from the TRRD database, which contain chicken genes.

Blast search

To perform blast search TRRD database, click the hyperlink ‘Blast search TRRD database’ from the top menu ‘Access to TRRD’ on the TRRD home page.

access_bl.png (3316 bytes)
Fill in BLAST submission page and click the button ‘Submit’.
For more details, please, address ‘Blast search Help’.

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