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TRRDFACTORS data format

Field short name (in the flatfile) Field full name (SRS version) Data description
ID GeneID TRRD identifier
AN SiteAC Site accession number
TF FactorName A name of the protein or protein complex interacting with the site
FS FactorSubunitName Factor subunit name (for heteromeric proteins)
TY FactorNameSynonym Synonymous names
TS FactorOrigin Organism where the transcription factor is described
TO FactorSource The source of the factor (endogenous, recombinant,  in vitro synthesized,
recombinant fusion protein )
TE StageOrgDev Stage of an organism development
TG Organ Organs used for isolation of the factor
TU Tissue Tissues used for isolation of the factor
TC Cells Cells used for isolation of the factor
TD IndReprName Name of the inducer or repressor
TR Reference Bibliographic reference
CC Comments Comments on the transcription factor

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