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 TRRDGENES data format

Line code (in the TRRD flat-file) Line code (SRS version) Data description
ID GeneID TRRD identifier
DT Updated Data of the last editing
AC GeneAC TRRD gene accession number
GN TransfacLink Accession number in the TRANSFAC database
CR Annotators Referent/updater name(s)
OS Species English and Latin names of species
SN GeneName_Brief Short gene name
NG GeneName_Full Full gene name
SY GeneSynonym Gene name synonym
EC EnzymeClass Enzyme classification (EC) code
BI DNABankLink Link to EMBL/GenBank
DR DatabaseLink Link to other databases
KW KeyWords Key words
CH Chromosome Chromosomal localization
RG RegRegion Transcription regulatory region
HN HSS_AC TRRD accession number of a hypersensitive site
HS HSS_Position Name of the hypersensitive site and its location
HD HSS_Specif Functional characteristics of the hypersensitive site
HR HSS_Reference Bibliographic reference
HG HSS_Genes Genes regulated by the LCR
HC HSS_Comments Comments on hypersensitive site
AP RegUnitAC Accession number of a regulatory unit
PR RegUnit Name and localization of the regulatory unit; site links
AG ExperimentCodes Cells, assay codes, reference to the paper
CE CompElement Composite element description
AL Alignment Text information about alignments of extended regulatory regions
MP StartPoints Distance between start points
CC Comments Comments


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