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Function: support, protection, storage site of calcium and phosphate.

Origin: mesoderm: somites, mesenhyme.

Mature: compact (dense) and spongy (cancellous)

Location: skeletal system: long, short, flat and irregular bones.

Ground substance

Composition: proteoglicans, noncollagenous glycoproteins, hydroxyapatite crystals (calcium phosphate)

Collagen fibers

Location: parallel orientation in lamellar bone: osteons (Haversian system), interstitional lamellar, circumferential lamellar.

Composition: mineralised.


Function: proliferation and differentiation into osteoblasts, nutritional support of the osteocytes, bone repair.

Location: innermost layer of periosteum and endosteum in marrow cavities, osteonal (Haversian) canals and perforating (Volkmann's) canals

Function: secretion and mineralization of extracellular matrix: ground substance and collagen fibers, physiological and repair regeneration.

Location: initial nonmineralized bone - osteoid, periosteum, endosteum.

Function: mature bone cells, differentiated osteoblasts, maintenance of bone matrix by secretion and resorption.

Location: lacunae in extracellular matrix.

Function: bone resorption, phagocytosis, bone remodelling.

Location: bone surface.

Origin: mesenhyme, bone marrow, blood monocytes, mononuclear phagocytic system.

Immature (nonlamellar, bundle, woven)

Function: support, protection, and storage site of calcium and phosphate.

Location: skeleton of the developing fetus

Composition: ground substance, thick collagen fibers in interlacing arrangement, randomly arranged abundant cells.