Simple epithelia

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Function: barrier, flood exchange, lubrication, transepithelial transport.

Location: lining body cavities (thoracic, pericardial, abdominal), Bowman's capsule (kidney).

Origin: mesoderm: splanchnotom

Location: lining vascular system.

Origin: mesenchyme

Simple cuboidal

Function: barrier, absorption.

Location: ovary, kidney tubules (distal and proximal thick segments)

Origin: mesoderm

Simple columnar

Function: barrier, absorption, and secretion.

Location: lining of stomach, small intestine and colon, gallbladder.

Origin: endoderm


Function: secretion, conduit.

Location: trachea and bronchi, deferens, efferent ductules of epididymis.

Origin: endoderm, mesoderm.