The validity of the hypotheses about the role of the examined characteristic X in determining the site activity F is tested using Decision Making Theory and Zadeh’s fuzzy logic.


The valua U, which is called “the utility of usage of the characteristic X in prediction of the activity F of the given site”, is calculated for each characteristic Xzmw.

1) Simple regression is optimized:


f0 č f1 are regression coefficients.


2) Deviation values between the regressed and experimental activities are determined:

D n = Fzmw(Sn) - Fn.


3) A total number 22 conditions of regression analysis

are tested for the values {Fzmw(Sn), Fn, D n}:

- for correlations between Fzmw(S) and F (linear, sign, rank, etc.);

- for the equality of the Fzmw(Sn) č Fn distributions;

- for deviations D n.


This yields the total number 22 values of

the significance level a of the regression analysis applicability.