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B-DNA-Video - a system containing the database SAMPLES on functional site sequences, the database PROPERTY on sequence-dependent conformational and physico-chemical B-DNA parameters, and the knowledge base B-DNA-FEATURES on significant B-DNA features of the sites. Each B-DNA-FEATURES entry contains both C-programs recognising the sites within an arbitrary DNA sequence and the hyperlinks to the program executables addressed to the sequence input. For this reason, B-DNA-VIDEO is simultaneously the database system of “searching for static data” type and, herewith, the WWW-based applet package of “active computational” type.

B-DNA-VIDEO system contains also the knowledge discovery module responsible for detecting significant conformational and physico-chemical features of B-DNA functional sites and generation of C-codes for recognition programs. Thus, information extracted from two databases, SAMPLES and PROPERTY, serves as the inputs fitted into the module, whereas the resulted outputs are stored within B-DNA-FEATURES database. The knowledge discovery module is not WWW-accessible, because it takes about 24 hours for processing an input data set.


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