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Function: the pump delivers blood under pressure into vessels

Endocardium (inner membrane)

Function: complete lining for the atria, ventricles and all the structures projecting into them, such as valves, chordae tendineae, papillary muscles.

Composition: endothelium with basement membrane and subendothelial connective tissue.

Composition: connective tissue with abundant elastic fibers and smooth muscle cells.

Composition: connective tissue with impulse-conducting system.

Function: allow blood to flow in only one direction.

Composition: folds of endocardium, in the middle of each leaflet is a flat sheet of dense connective tissue.


Function: contraction to propel the blood.

Composition: striated cardiac muscle, nerves, vessels.

Location: in the ventricles is substantially thicker than in the atria.

Epicardium and pericardium

Function: the outer coats.

Composition: mesothelium with basement membrane, underlying connective tissue, nerves, vessels, fat (white adipose tissue).