TGP is developed as a collection of experimentally verified plant promoters used for foreign gene expression in higher plants. TGP contains the information on promoter size, nucleotide sequence, and transcription pattern as well as the known stimuli and substances influencing the promoter activity. The target species name is also present because the same promoter−transgene construct can give different tissue-specificities and activities in different plants. The TGP database has the links to the relevant publications. GenBank nucleotide sequence databases accession numbers are also included.

TGP is an information resource for a quick search for nucleotide sequences displaying specific promoter activities in various plants. These data can be used for design of genetic constructs to conduct experiments for both fundamental and biotechnological research. Each annotated promoter is supplied with a description of the corresponding (source) gene. TGP is implemented on the SRS (Sequence Retrieval System) platform and comprises three cross-linked tables containing information on promoter characteristics, promoter nucleotide sequences, and the source gene, respectively.


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Smirnova O.G., Ibragimova S.S., Kochetov A.V. (2012) Simple database to select promoters for plant transgenesis. Transgenic Res., 21(2), 429-437. PMID: 21811802