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Gingiva and Hard Palate

Function: surrounds each tooth {Di/teeth.html} like a collar and saves as a strong roof of the mouth.

Composition: stratified squamous nonkeratinizing or parakeratinizing epithelium lacks a stratum lucidum and lamina propria (loose connective tissue) with abundant mast cells.

Composition: mature bone with periosteum which is blended with reticular layer of the lamina propria.

Soft Palate and Uvula

Function: are movable so in the act of swallowing they prevent food from being forced up into the nose.

Composition: stratified squamous nonkeratinizing and pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium and lamina propria (loose connective tissue) with few glands.

Composition: striated skeletal muscle and aponeurosis.

Composition: stratified squamous nonkeratinizing epithelium and thick lamina propria (loose connective tissue) with many salivary glands.

Palate Tonsils

Function: guard for infective agents.