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Origin: paired evaginations of the ductus deferense distal to the ampulla.

Function: secretion of fluid rich in fructose, the principal metabolic substrate for sperm, and prostaglandins.

Composition: elongate, highly folded tubular glands

Function: contraction during ejaculation discharges their secretion the ejaculatory ducts and helps to flush sperm out.


Location: around the proximal urethra

Function: secretion of acid phosphotase, fibrinolysin, and citric acid to liquefy the semen.

Composition: fibromuscular stroma with 30 - 50 tubuloalveolar glands, those ducts empty into the urethra. Three concentric layers of glands: a mucosal layer, a submucosal layer, and the most peripheral layer containing the main prostatic glands.


Location: proximal portion of urethra

Function: mucus-like secretion of the preseminal fluid, lubrication of the urethra

Composition: compound tubuloalveolar glands are lined by the simple columnar epithelium of different height