About GeneNetWorks

Integrated system GeneNetWorks is designed for accumulation of experimental data, data navigation, data analysis, and analysis of dependencies in the field of gene expression regulation. It integrates the databases and programs for processing the data about structure and function of DNA, RNA, and proteins, together with the other information resources important for gene expression description. The unique property of above described system is that all the resources within the system GeneNetWorks are divided according to the natural hierarchy of molecular genetic systems and has the following levels: (1) DNA; (2) RNA; (3) proteins; and (4) gene networks.

Each module contains: 1) experimental data represented as a database or some sample; 2) program for data analysis; 3) results of an automated data processing; 4) tools for the graphical representation of these data and the results of the data analyses. 

Tutorial (in PDF format)

The database system GeneNetWorks is the product developed at the Laboratory of Theoretical Genetics of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science in Novosibirsk (Russia). Institute of Cytology and Genetics since early 80's has been developing the database system, which trade name now is GeneNetWorks.The using of the Institute name in advertising and commercial purpose is allowed only after written agreement with the Institute.

Institute of Cytology and Genetics was founded in 1957 and has large experience of scientific study in fields of genetic, cytology, microbiology etc., is involved in couple of international research projects. Since early nineties, the Institute is active in commercial projects, had organized few joint ventures with commercial structures. Now it has organized internal structures for performing of commercial projects, which includes leaders of the groups, project managers and executors of project. At present time, the experience is enough to be involved into international cooperation and performance of international commercial projects.

For questions, please contact scientific supervisor of the project: Prof.N.A.Kolchanov tel:+7-383-3333468; e-mail: kol@bionet.nsc.ru

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