Gene Networks integration level

The GeneNet system is designed to accumulate the information on gene networks, groups of coordinately working genes providing for performing vital organism functions; their visualization; and simulation of gene network dynamics. The GeneNet system consists of three modules: GeneNet database, GeneNet viewer, and GeneNet modelling.

GeneNet Database

The information contained in GeneNet database is organized in 16 SRS tables: CELL, COMPARTMENT, EXPERT, GENE, LITER, ORGANISM, PROCESS, PROTEIN, RELATION, RNA, SCHEME, SCHEME_ENTITY, SCHEME_RELATION, SCHEME_REACTION, SCHEME_CONSTANT, SUBSTANCE. GeneNet contains descriptions of 37 gene networks.

GeneNet Viewer

is realized as an applet and allows the gene networks described in GeneNet database to be graphically visualized.

GeneNet modelling knowledge base

BASE designed to accumulate the information on mathematical models of gene networks. It contains software for simulating gene network dynamics.


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