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While developing TRRD, the main attention was focused on description of genes within functional systems. The information on this gene groups can be obtained from TRRD sections

TRRD Section Short name and link Compiler
Heat Shock-Induced Genes HS-TRRD Stepanenko I.L.
Interferon-Inducible Genes IIG-TRRD Ananko E.A.
Genes Expressed in B cells B-TRRD Ananko E.A.
Genes Related to EBV Infection and EBV Transformation EBV-TRRD Ananko E.A.
Erythroid-Specific Regulated Genes ESRG-TRRD Podkolodnaya O.A.
Genes of Lipid Metabolism LM-TRRD Ignatieva E.V.
Endocrine System Genes  ES-TRRD Ignatieva E.V.
Glucocorticoid-Regulated Genes GR-TRRD Merkulova T.I.
Plant Genes PLANT-TRRD Goryachkovsky T.N.
Cell Cycle Genes CCG-TRRD Turnaev I.I.
Redox-Sensitive Genes ROS-TRRD Stepanenko I.L.
Genes Expressed in Endocrine Pancreas EP-TRRD Ignatieva E.V.
Macrophage-Expressed Genes MG-TRRD Ananko E.A.

Genes, controlling blood coagulation and fibrinolysis

BCF-TRRD  Khlebodarova T.M.Podkolodnaya O.A.
Apoptosis Genes Apoptosis-TRRD Stepanenko I.L.
Hepatitis C virus-induced Genes HCV-TRRD Stepanenko I.L.
Genes, controlling circadian rhythm, and genes with circadian expression CLOCK-TRRD  Khlebodarova T.M.

Genes encoding proteins involved in the Fe metabolism 

FM-TRRD Mischenko E.L. ,
Podkolodnaya O.A.


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