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Function: collect blood from the microvascular bed and carry it away from tissues to heart.


Function: fluid exchange, white blood cells emigration from blood vessels to enter the tissues.

Composition: endothelial lining, pericytes are enclosed by a basement membrane.

Composition: 1 - 2 smooth muscle cells layers amid collagen fibers or not, ground substance.

Composition: thin sheath of connective tissue.

Medium and large veins

Function: cinvey blood against gravity.

Location: limbs, venae cavae, and the pulmonary veins.

Composition: endothelial lining with basement membrane sparse subendothelial layer of connective tissue, smooth muscle cells, thin internal elastic membrane.

Composition: smooth muscle cells amid collagen fibers, relatively little elastic material, ground substance, external elastic membrane material.

Composition: longitudinally oriented bundles of smooth muscle cells, collagen and elastic fibers, fibroblasts, macrophages and adipose cells, blood vessels (vasa vasorum), nerves (nervi vascularis).


Function: allow blood to flow only in one direction.

Composition: semilunar flaps consisting of a thin connective tissue covered with endothelial cells.

Atypical (nonmuscular) veins

Location: cranial cavity, retina, placenta, and spleen.

Composition: endothelial lining with basement membrane and connective tissue.