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Origin: evagination of the wall of the foregut.

Location: upper right quadrant of the abdominal cavity.


Anatomic features



Function: constitute about 80% of the cell population, large polygonal (20 - 30 mkm in diameter).

Composition and functions:


Location: at each of the corners of the "classic" lobule, in the loose stromal connective tissue designated as portal areas or portal canals. Between stroma and hepatocytes is a small space called space of Mall - one of sites where lymph originates.

Composition: portal vein, hepatic artery  - interlobular vessels, bile duct, lymphatic vessels.


Location: between the anastomosing plates of hepatic cells. They receive mixed portal and arterial blood from the smallest portal triads and lead to the venous network - central vein.

Function: provide for the exchange of substances between the blood and the liver cells.

Composition: discontinuous capillaries

Origin: monocytes

Function: final breakdown of damaged erythrocytes, lipoprotein metabolism, immunological defense.

Location: between the basal surfaces of hepatocytes and the basal surfaces of endothelial cells and Kupffer cells.

Composition: microvillous processes of hepatocytes, lipocytes (Ito cells), type collagen (reticular) fibers.


Function: conduit the bile centrifugally from the hepatocytes to the gallbladder as well as the intestine.


Composition: cuboidal or columnar epithelium, dense connective tissue with numerous elastic fibers.

Composition: columnar epithelium with well-developed microvilli, dense connective tissue with numerous elastic fibers and near the hilum smooth muscle cells.